Artificial Lift

Petro Globe offers artificial lift solutions for applications ranging from simple and economical to complex and high-temperature and high-pressure. Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and gas lift products and services are designed to mitigate risk and expand the operating limits of conventional systems. Answer products and services are also available to optimize artificial lift and production. • Electric Submersible Pumps The REDA line of multistage centrifugal ESPs supports a wide range of artificial lift applications, from cool-water wells and gas well dewatering systems to high-gas/oil ratio (GOR) and high-temperature pumping systems and accessories. • Gas Lift Gas lift systems using standard Camco gas lift products and services and the XLift high-pressure and PerfLift perforated zone gas lift systems provide artificial lift solutions for conventional environments and extreme and challenging environments. • Subsea Lift Systems Consist of high-pressure gas lift systems as well as high-volume, high-horsepower ESP systems. • Horizontal Surface Pumps Surface pumping systems use multistage centrifugal pumps skid mounted horizontally for applications ranging from simple water injection to more complex crude oil transfer and refinery services. • Real-Time Production Optimization Services Artificial Lift system and reservoir monitoring, surveillance, diagnostics, and optimization in real time. • Monitoring Systems The Phoenix downhole monitoring system supports in-depth analysis, diagnostics, and remediation planning, especially in problematic wells and changing reservoirs. • Surface Electrical Equipment Variable speed drives (VSDs), fixed speed drives (FSDs), motor controllers, and other surface electrical equipment provide reliable power, system monitoring, and protection against electrical faults, even in extreme environments

Cementing Services

Innovative Cementing Solutions Cement supports and protects well casings and helps achieve zonal isolation. Critical to safer, environmentally sound, and profitable wells, zonal isolation is created and maintained in the wellbore by the cementing process. Whatever your drilling environment or however remote the location, our innovative cementing technologies offer you a range of cementing solutions to achieve zonal isolation for the life of your well. • Deepwater Cementing Understanding deepwater technical challenges is key to designing cementing solutions that meet deepwater specifications and provide required zonal isolation. • Concrete-Based Oil-well Cementing Developing high-quality cementing solutions for each type of well environment requires a thorough understanding of the physical properties of both the slurry and the set cement needed. • CO2-Resistant Cement Ever-CRETE cementing solution reduces the risk of CO2 degradation and leakage and can be used to cement new CO2 injection wells or plug and abandon existing injection/production wells. • Cementing UGS Wells Effective zonal isolation is critical to ensure efficiency and environmental protection with underground gas storage (UGS) wells. Our technology offers advanced cementing technologies to reduce the risk of unwanted gas migration. • Self-Healing Cement System FUTUR self-activating cementing solution ensures long-term zonal isolation and well integrity from production to abandonment—and beyond. • Gas Migration Control Density control, mud removal, and slurry design are critical to effectively cementing gas-bearing formations and preventing annular gas flow. • Lost Circulation Cement additives cure lost circulation and reduce drilling costs. • Mud Removal Effective mud removal is a basic requirement for successful cementing solutions and is the first step in achieving long-term zonal isolation. • Cementing Equipment Providing the right cementing equipment for every job requires a full line of state-of-the-art technology designed for even the most challenging well environments. • Cementing Software Available software services let you evaluate zonal isolation parameters, calculate pressures, optimize mud removal, evaluate and minimize gas migration risk, and minimize contamination during plug placement.

Coiled Tubing Services

The Petro Globe innovative intervention services conveyed on coiled tubing (CT) are designed to improve your well and reservoir performance. CT applications include matrix and fracture stimulation, wellbore cleanout, logging, perforating, nitrogen kickoff, sand control, drilling, cementing, well circulation, and mechanical isolation. Our product portfolio includes all the tools and services you need for efficient and effective CT interventions. • Live Down hole Coiled Tubing Services ACTive innovative interventions elevate the performance, efficiency, and results of CT operations in various types of well configurations. Services use real-time down hole measurements to interpret and optimize treatments while they are still in progress. • Integrated Coiled Tubing Production Service The ACTive PS service combines production logging with CT intervention, using just one fiber-optic string for both stimulation and logging operations. • Tools and Bottom hole Assemblies The Petro Globe portfolio offers advanced, reliable, one-stop CT solutions for all downhole equipment requirements. • Coiled Tubing Equipment Innovative CT solutions, supported by a wealth of experience and technology, offer unrestricted wellhead access. • Fracturing through Coiled Tubing Fracturing through stimulation of preperforated intervals through CT or work string involves a straddle tool to isolate each interval during stimulation treatment. This technique is used both for new completions and to access bypassed intervals. • Coiled Tubing Perforating Coiled tubing allows perforating guns to be run into extended-reach or horizontal wells and also allows longer, heavier gun strings to be run. • Data Acquisition Using accumulated drilling knowledge improves operational efficiency, better manages risk, plans smarter wells, and reduces cost overruns.

Well Completions

Well completions connect you to your reservoir and help you lower production costs, lengthen reservoir life, and optimize hydrocarbon recovery with completions designed for the life of your oil or gas well. • Intelligent Completions Resolve production problems and secure well site connectivity in real time by using Well Watcher reservoir and production monitoring systems and flow control valves. • Liner Hanger Systems Decrease formation damage, reduce well completion time, lessen casing weight on wellhead, and reduce operational costs. • Completion Accessories Enhance recovery with customized tubing-mounted and flow control equipment. • Isolation Valves Prevent formation damage and improve well productivity. • Multilaterals Reduce total well construction costs and improve reservoir access. • Packers Maximize efficiency and productivity by enhancing flow from or injection into the formation without restricting normal flow. • Subsurface Safety Valves Minimize potential leak paths and maximize long-term performance. • Sand Control Services Optimize production by controlling or preventing sand production. Drilling Services Drilling to reduce cost and risk, regardless of target, hole size, or formations. • Directional Drilling Optimized directional control, from kickoff to TD. • Measurements While Drilling Delivering the data for geosteering, formation evaluation, and drilling optimization. • Logging While Drilling Accurate well placement, formation evaluation, and drilling optimization. • Drilling Tools and Services Thomas Tools is a leading supplier of oilfield rental tools, tubulars, and surface equipment, including snubbing and coiled tubing. • Drilling Environments & Emerging Markets Optimized well planning and construction. • Drilling Optimization Increasing drilling efficiencies, cutting rig time, and mitigating risk. • Real-Time Drilling Services Interactive drilling operations. • Drillbit Technology Drillbit designs for motor and rotary steerable applications.

Formation Evaluation

Petro Globe improves your insight into formation properties through formation scanning, borehole imaging, fluid sampling, and flow profiling. New Dielectric Scanner multi-frequency dielectric dispersion service brings new accuracy to formation evaluation, directly measuring water volume and rock textural information, avoiding the delays of core analysis and the uncertainties of estimating parameters. Further refine your understanding through measurement integration, providing you with the most comprehensive formation evaluation. • Scanner Family A series of advances in down-hole measurements that overcome many conventional limitations in the ability to measure and understand the subsurface. • Wire-line Open Hole Logging The more you understand your reservoir, the better positioned you are to manage its lifetime performance. Petro Globe offers a full range of wireline openhole logging services, delivering formation evaluation that accurately characterizes your reservoir rocks and fluids. • Deep Reading Better understand your reservoir by using direct physical measurements of the interwell space for numerous reservoir characterization and fluid front monitoring applications. • Logging While Drilling Accurate well placement, formation evaluation, and drilling optimization. • Formation Evaluation Software Integrated software utilities for log data and graphics.


You want maximum productivity from your reservoir. Whether in new or existing wells, maximum production depends on optimized perforating. Petro Globe engineered perforating systems can help you achieve the best production or injection in your well by optimizing the relationship between the gun system, wellbore, and your reservoir. Petro Globe perforating systems enable you to measure to fully characterize the reservoir rock and fluids perforate with the optimum design of gun system and charge clean the perforations by controlling wellbore dynamics while perforating monitor to maximize reservoir productivity. • Perforating Gun Systems and Charges Schlumberger offers capsule and hollow carrier gun systems with a wide variety of perforating charges for every environment. • Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) allows long, heavy gun strings to be run in all well conditions. • Wire-line Perforating Wire-line (or electric line) is the traditional way to run perforating guns, providing the advantages of real-time depth control and selectivity. • Completion Perforating Completion perforating enables large, long strings of guns to be installed with the completion and fired with the right completion fluid in place for immediate cleanup and production. • Completion Perforating Without Killing the Well The CWOK process uses under balance, dynamic under balance (PURE), or extreme under balance perforating for clean perforations, then removes the guns without killing the well. • Slickline Perforating Slickline is a fast and efficient conveyance method that can be used for many explosive services such as perforating, setting plugs or packers, or cutting tubing. • Coiled Tubing Perforating Coiled tubing allows perforating guns to be run into extended-reach or horizontal wells and also allows longer, heavier gun strings to be run. • Pipe Recovery and Remedial Services Petro Globe has solutions for drill pipe, coiled tubing, and tubing recovery and special techniques for cement squeeze, punching tubing, junk shots, and other applications.

Production and Cased Hole Services

Improve your field production with real-time or periodic evaluation, prevention, and management services. • Flow Assurance We provide a full range of services and products to meet flow assurance challenges of every description. • Production Logging Comprehensively profile downhole flow for three-phase flow environments—regardless of well deviation. • Production Monitoring Identify opportunities for improved production in under-performing wells or fields. • Production Optimization Services Get measureable performance improvements to oil and gas assets worldwide with this professional digital engineering practice. • Well Integrity Quantify casing damage and corrosion with cement evaluation and casing inspection. • Plugs and Packers Reliably isolate intervals or plug wells. • Slickline Services Completion, workover, and production intervention services, together with a comprehensive range of data acquisition options, both surface readout and memory.

Reservoir Characterization & Interpretation Services

Petro Globe Data & Consulting Services employs the leading experts in consulting services for full-field reservoir characterization, production enhancement, multidisciplinary reservoir and production solutions, and field development planning. Tightly integrated with Petro Globe research, technology, software, and information services, Petro Globe helps operators transform data into informed business decisions to maximize asset value. • Geology Services Our borehole imaging services give you microresistivity formation images in both water-base and nonconductive muds. • Geomechanics Services Leading the industry in integrated geomechanics technology and services. • Geophysics Integrating seismic attribute interpretation and analysis with the results of stratigraphic, structural, and geochemical analysis to identify prospects. • Petrophysics Processing, interpretation, and integration of E&P data. • Production Engineering Optimize reservoir performance. • Wellsite Connectivity InterACT wellsite monitoring and data delivery system delivers secure, real-time data directly from the wellsite to the desktop.

Sand Control

Open hole and cased hole sand control solutions Sand control to prevent the migration of reservoir sand and fines into a wellbore or to stabilize a reservoir will enhance production and increase the life of a well. Petro Globe Completions offers a wide range of products and services to fit most applications and environments. Whatever your project and wherever its location, we can provide the ideal sand control solution. • Sand Control Applications React quickly to stabilize the formation, reduce fluid loss, mitigate risks, and maximize well performance over time. • Sand Control Products and Services Manage challenging reservoirs and applications, and complete any interval with specialized sand control products and services.

Geophysical Services

Petro Globe provides comprehensive worldwide reservoir imaging, monitoring, and development services. We operate the most extensive range of seismic crews and data processing centers in the industry, as well as holding the largest multiline seismic library. Our unsurpassed array and distribution of resources is ready to meet any geophysical challenge. Our Reservoir Services group is moving advanced seismic technologies into the reservoir - to serve not only explorationists, but also reservoir and petroleum engineers, appraisal and production teams. • Marine Acquisition Plotting a course for exploration and production success • Land and TZ Acquisition Global imaging experience, advanced proprietary technology • Electromagnetic Integrating measurements to reduce uncertainty • Seismic Data Processing Differentiated technologies, industry-leading applications • Multiline Data Library Browse our multiline data library


Treatment by Environment Hydraulic fracturing and matrix stimulation treatments to restore or enhance well productivity are performed in all types of formations and reservoir environments. You can maximize production by creating highly conductive reservoir flow paths, but selecting the appropriate treatment for each environment is critical to well economics. • Tight Gas Effective development of low-permeability tight gas reservoir resources requires operational efficiency to improve performance. • Carbonate Understanding and addressing the specific challenges and technical risks that carbonates present has put Petro Globe at the forefront of technology development to help optimize productivity. • Conventional Sandstone Matrix stimulation and hydraulic fracturing techniques are designed to repair and improve the natural connection of the wellbore with the reservoir. • High-Permeability Matrix acidization treatments are used to mitigate the effects of formation damage, the biggest hindrance to productivity in highly permeable reservoirs. • Unconventional Gas Better reservoir knowledge and increasingly sensitive technologies are making production of unconventional gas economically viable and more efficient. This efficiency is bringing tight gas, coalbed methane, and gas hydrates into the reach of more companies around the world. • Micro-seismic Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring Measure hydraulic fracture geometry in real time. • Treatment Execution Petro Globe develops innovative methods and provides the right equipment to perform stimulation treatments in any well environment.

Well Testing

We offer the broadest range of testing and measurement services available, from exploration and appraisal through development to production. Down hole or at the surface, get answers to questions about productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure, and temperature. Combining field-proven testing experience with reservoir-domain expertise, our teams work with you to prove reservoir potential, confirm well performance, and improve field productivity so you can be certain. • Be Certain • Down hole Pressure Measurement • Down hole Test Tools • Early Production Facilities • Multiphase Well Testing and Monitoring • Perforating • Reservoir Sampling and Analysis • Subsea Landing String Services • Surface Testing and Cleanup • Inter-ACT for Well Testing Operations Secure monitoring of well testing in real time.